Intelligent Volleyball Shooting Gym Equipment Serving Machine For Sale S6638

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Production description
1.Microcomputer multi-function with remote control, remote control distance greater  than 100 meters;
2.The transmitter can adjust the elevation of the head. When elevated machine  simulation can be issued when the elevation downward spike athletes; When lowering  the machine can send analog athletes hit the ball out of the pad elevation upwards;
3.Serve a variety of remote control functions: work / pause, speed regulation, frequency  regulation, floating ball, spin, swing around ball;
4.You can change any settings and at different speeds, frequency, placement, spin  combination mode of training;
5.Machine settings lifting function, the maximum can reach 2.9 meters;
6.Pitching Machine transmitter placement: You can set the point, halftime or the whole  audience ball.

Production details


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