tennis racquet stringing machine

Micro-computer badminton stringing machine S616
1.Micro-computer controlled pounds self correction in 0.1 increments
2.Constant pull tension system 3.Auto-Start Quick Closing linear string gripper for quick tension and protecting string.
4.Four sets of pre-stretch function,suitable for different...

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Tennis racquet stringing machine S616 Main Function On Panel 

1. Speed:Long press the “speed” button to adjust three level speed:"1" "2" "3".

2. Constant pull: When the function is on( the LED light on the panel will be lightened), the machine will do adjustment and keep the same value when it reach the set data. If the function is off, when you string to the set data, the machine just have a simple brake and cannot do adjustment. Due to the characteristic of string ,the pound will drop a little.

3. Self-test: When the machine works for a period of time or finds a no-load cable, when a non-zero pound is displayed on the display, you can press the button to perform a self-test operation.

4. Pre-stretch: After the function is turned on (the corresponding LED on the panel is on), the displayed value will increase correspondingly on the basis of the set value. The pre-stretch can effectively protect the string and reduce the pound drop phenomenon. There are four pre-stretch ratio: 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%. Press the pre-stretch button and at the same time press "+" or "-" to make a proportional selection.

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