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Product Details

Best tennis training rebounder for your home training, welcomed by kids and adults widely!

Tennis training rebounder main characteristics:
(1) (1)For beginners, more convenient and practical; whether you come into contact with tennis or not even see someone play tennis, as long as you pick up a tennis racket can play with sticks as easy as learning to play tennis;
(2)is not only suitable for beginners (men and women) starting exercise, it is a high-level tennis player back quickly after practice tee and tee ball attacking professional training equipment;
(3)the use of the site is not limited, as long as a few square meters of space that can be used. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, patio, roof, platform, parks, squares and so on;
(4) the design aesthetic appearance, light weight, small footprint, easy to carry, easy to install;

Product Specifications:

Color: Black
Package Weight: 18KG     Net Weight: 17.5KG

Packing Volume: 148* 31 * 22cm


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Ruby -007  

Multifunctional smaller D518 best tennis practice net rebounder with green color

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