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Product Features: * Exercise Method: Forehand and backhand, forehand and backhand volley, forehand and backhand slice, vigorously pumping the ball, net ball on net serve, after attack; (1) practice swing, technique and footwork; (2) training in hitting accuracy, strength and endurance exercise; (3) a ball recycling, without picking; (4) single, two or more people to practice; (5) can be fun, fitness, tennis training or teaching Product Specifications: Color: Black Package Weight: 18KG     Net Weight: 17.5KG  Packing Volume: 143 * 15.5 * 32cm After-sale guarantee Supply spare parts and technical services for free within 12 months if any quality problems.

Product Details

Tennis training net S518 video for your reference:


Ten characteristics:

(1) (1)For beginners, more convenient and practical; whether you come into contact with tennis or not even see someone play tennis, as long as you pick up a tennis racket can play with sticks as easy as learning to play tennis;

(2)is not only suitable for beginners (men and women) starting exercise, it is a high-level tennis player back quickly after practice tee and tee ball attacking professional training equipment;

(3)the use of the site is not limited, as long as a few square meters of space that can be used. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, patio, roof, platform, parks, squares and so on;

(4) the design aesthetic appearance, light weight, small footprint, easy to carry, easy to install;

(5)High quality net,Durable and anti-corrosion

(6)Humanized and scalable design, to break the shackles of non-scalable before, can adjust the different height and falling ball speed according player’s different requirement.

(7)Upgraded flat tube design,more steady and can accept powerful hitting balls.

(8)New elliptical hole adjustment knob design,can adjust the net surface degree.

(9)Upgraded hook design,more steady,never loose,easy to install and carry.

(10)No need court, no need partner, whatever day or night, once owned, practice anywhere

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