Tennis Practice Device Tennis Trainer For Kids S403

【View count:】 Function: SIBOASI Tennis practicing device SS-403 is your best tireless partner.No need tennis court,no need partner,no need pick up the balls.You can practice anywhere and anytime you like. 1. Suitable for tennis amateur,school,tennis club,amusement 2. no need partner,You can practice anywhere and anytime you like. 3. practise way: forehand and backhand stroke 4. Aimed at movement and Steps practise. Control the shot accurate. Exercise energy and stamina Suitable : tennis amateur,school,tennis club,amusement.etc. 【installation method:】 Please assemble the four screws of base rould plate. Cover the plate with full sandbag or woterbag Adjust the suitalbe height and lock the screw aligning the hole inside

Product Details

Tennis trainer S403 suit for indoor and outdoor


The hight can be adjusted,suit for different age player


Factory picture


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