Tennis Ball Holding Machine Tennis Ball Holder S703

[Product Description]D703 coach ball basket is a professional tennis ball basket; integrated design, beautiful, durable; PU casters set up and easy to use; offers items placed at the bottom layer, for a variety of tennis placed; installation firm, flexible and do not shake the slide; pushing hands parts attached sponge ball box cover with non-slip device, assembly is simple, easy to store; the basket surface is super with polyethylene powder coating, anti-aging, life of up to ten years; elegant appearance, easy to use, is an essential good helper for tennis sports placer. [Features]: Large ball capacity, can store about 300 tennis; Wearable PU casters, basket surface spraying, long service life.

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[Product specifications]
Product size: 56 * 45 * 45.5cm
Net weight:12.6kg       Gross weight :18kg

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