Squash Machine Price Direct Supply From Original Factory SIBOASI Squash Training Machine

SIBOASI Is Specialized In Intelligent Sports Machines For More Than 14 Years. Model:Squash ball machine Color:Black Product size:61*40*37cm Capacity: 80pcs Speed:20-140km/h Battery:3-5 hours Warranty:2 years

Product Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)Description :

  • Brand Name:SIBOASI

  • Model Number:T336

  • Color:Black

  • Capacity:80pcs

  • Warranty:2 years

  • Certificate:CE BV SGS

  • Packing size:50*42*69CM

  • Type:Remote control

  • Battery life:3-5 hours

  • MOQ:1 , the more the cheaper 

  • Usage:Squash training

  • Products Description:

  • 1.Smart remote control with full function(speed,frequency,horizontal angle,spin)

  • 2.Humanized design, internal serve direction, more practical training

  • 3.The remote control is clear and easy to operate with LCD screen .

  • 4.Battery comes standard,last 3-5 hours

  • 5.Remote setting the depth of the two-line ball and three-line ball function

  • 6.Random functions: Press the random button for this functions

  • 7.Built-in heating system

  • 1.Up and down spin,and force adjustment

  • 2.Internal battery replaced the outside battery,which makes the machine more convenient.

  • 3.The key components: shooting wheels and the main motor with high quality materials are durable, motor service life can be up to 10 years

  • 4.Easy to be transported with telescopic rod of the suitcase.

  • 5.AC and DC power are available,AC 100V-110V and 220V-240V are optional

  • 6.Oscillation Function :Random Horizontal; Random Vertical; Fully Random Horizontal & Vertical with variable Speed & Spin

  • 7.You can change any settings and at different speeds, frequency, orientation, placement combined mode of training;

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