Micro-computer Stringing Machine for tennis Badminton Rackets

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Micro-computer Stringing Machine Specialized for Badminton Rackets

Micro-computer stringing machine specialized for badminton rackets

【 Product Description】

1.Micro-computer controlled pounds self correction in 0.1 increments

2.Constant pull tension system

3.Power-on self-checking system

4.Four sets of pounds memory function

5.Auto-Start Quick Closing linear string gripper for quick tension and protecting string.

6.Four sets of pre-stretch function,suitable for different string

7.Electronically controlled, constant pull tension system provides fast speed and decreasing failure

8.Three kinds of tension speed function

9.Knot with auto increasing pounds and back function

10.Three kinds of button sound function

11.Intelligent converter 100--240V,suitable for any country

12.USB Connector with computer for upgrading and data analyze

13.KG /LB conversion function

14.Pounds in 0.1 increments with “+””-”adjusting button

15.Adjustable width of stringer according to different string

16.Specialized for badminton rackets

【Racket clamped system】

* Synchronous racket clamped system ,fast and uniform stress, specialized for badminton rackets

* U-clamp with badminton only dual use,using special materials to contact with racket, no hurting and convenient to string.

* Use high pounds protector on the both side of frame arm to make the racket more stable  

* Patent anti-sliding advanced automatically clamp base system, not accidental loosening after locking , durable, no fault;

* This system easy to use ,very convenience and save time

* This clamp base system has been sold for more than 10 years, without any repair, designated use by many countries buyers.

【Product Parameters】

1.Voltage: AC100V-240V


3.Color :Black

【Accessories】Full tools

【After Service】

Supply spare parts and technical service for free within 24 months if any quality problem due to non-human factors.

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