Remote Control Squash Cannon Ball Machine For Sale Original Manufacturer

SIBOASI Is Specialized In Intelligent Sports Machines For More Than 14 Years. Model:Remote control Squash Cannon Ball Machine For Sale Original Manufacturer Color:Black Product size:61*40*37 Cm Place of origin : China Capacity: 80pcs Speed:20-140km/h Battery:3-5 hours Warranty:2 years

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Remote control Squash Cannon Ball Machine For Sale Original Manufacturer

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Micro-computer squash ball machine
Design  :

Squash is an indoor sport, it can not be subject to seasonal weather restrictions, but also an all-weather sport.Squash is not only easy to learn, for non-professional athletes in terms of understanding the basic rules and action essentials you can practice and play for all ages, can be teenage children,and can be sixtieth old,but it is more suitable for young people to participate .

Squash is entertaining and interesting. In squash, the running and waving rackets such action provide  a good opportunity for upper and lower extremity exercise. Squash venue is small, fast ball, unpredictable pitch, thus requiring human  quick response, action , so exercise intensity squash, exercise is great。

Squash 2

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