Intelligent Squash Ball Training System High Level Teaching Machine

1. Full function intelligent remote control( speed, frequency, angle, rotation, etc.) 2. Intelligent drop point programming, self program different modes of training 3. Remote-control infinitely adjusted the placement with different vertical angle and horizontal angle 4. One button to choose "6 kinds of cross line fixed modes", horizontal movement, vertical movement and other functions 5. The battery working time is 2-3 hours to let you train anywhere and anytime. 6.Built-in directional control 7.Constant temperature heating function 8. No stuck ball 9.The built-in lithium battery, working time can last for 3-5 hours. 10.The charger built-in small fan 11. Longer service life. 12. DQ1 Squash ball machine – Can send a half-high ball or high ball , let you experience the different battle!

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Model DT1 tennis feeder machine has smart and powerful unique owe to its remote-control system and full function drills patterns. This tennis feeder machine support two-line drill, three-line drill, and cross drill. Lob and random ball drill are also can be realized on court. These intelligent drills pattern is suitable for any level trainer. Tennis skill level will be improved under your more practice with tennis feeder machine

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