Basketball Football Trainer Practice Partner Reaction Light

Thanks to this innovative lights system, any training conceived to train reaction times and Speed & agility Training becomes interactive. Training reactivity, reaction ability and response speed to a given sudden impulse will never be the same. This brand new functional training method is...

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Applicable items:

Basketball, football, volleyball, ice hockey, taekwondo, gym and other agile response training



1. Built-in high-performance polymer lithium battery 1200MAH

2. Can actually work 80 hours, infrared induction, four colors (green, blue, pink, red) prompt lamp



13X3cm, 220G/ 1 pcs
25X17.5X14.5cm, 950G/1 set = 4 pcs
Carton Size: 81X33X39cm, 12.35KG/1 carton = 12 sets

Operation Instructions:


Long press 3 seconds E key to start up and then ener Mode 1(Reaction speed is 10 seconds) Short press E key to enter Mode 2(Reaction speed is 5 seconds)

press agin E key to enter Mode 3(reaction speed is 3-5 seconds) and then press again E key to enter Mode 4(reaction speed is 1-3 seconds)

Press again E key to enter Mode 5(4-color light beams irregular reaction speed is 3-5 seconds) then press agin E key to enter Mode 6(4-color light beams irregular reaction speed is 1-3 seconds)

Then press again E key to power off mode(long press 3 seconds to directly enter power off mode)


Short press F key Digital Display Reset, long press 3 seconds F key to mute the warning tone


It goes into charging mode when inserted into USB interface and the red indicator light turns on and turns off when it is fully charged

Short press E key in the Power-off mode to detect the power quantity (full charged in blue color, middle power in green and purple color and low power in red color)

Contact us

Miss Katherine


Mobile: +86-13076600446

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