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Under The Coal Pressure Ball Machine To Suppress The Coal Should Pay Attention To Several Aspects:

Mar 08, 2017

First, we must keep the raw materials clean, cleanliness of raw materials and yield has an important impact.

Second, to control the first drying temperature and time, drying time is proportional to the temperature, the temperature should be suitable. If you are purchasing equipment in our company, our company will follow the service after the sale, to guide a series of installation and operation steps.

Third, in the ingredients must be strictly in accordance with the proportion of ingredients. The same as the first point, the impact on the yield.

Fourth, the material to stir evenly.

Fifth, in the pressure ball machine to suppress the coal, be sure to control the shape and size of briquette.

6, briquette after the last drying to pay attention to the density of drying. Out of the briquette to be evenly placed on the ground, so that the temperature drop.