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Football The Origin Of Football

Oct 23, 2017

Football The origin of football

In the modern football origins of Western Europe is considered a wide range of football culture, each Premiership club on the day of the tournament will have a game day guide. The bar around the stadium will be before the game put the TV transferred to the live channel to create an atmosphere. Such as Barcelona and Valencia game, home city bar 80% will play the game. To the scene to watch the fans will wear the home team uniforms, scarves, can not go to the scene of the fans will wear uniforms to bars and strangers together to support their favorite team. In the football field, the game to what stage the fans will sing a different song. In addition South American countries are also considered to be a wide area of football operations.

In the 1950s, France appeared "table football", and soon spread from Europe to the United States. The United States almost like football young people will play table football, and even many people will this as a means of livelihood, the US professional table football players about a few hundred people, held every year in the open league has more than 10 times. Races, youth groups, the elderly group of three groups, three groups of regional championships to participate in the national competition, the national year-end finals champion bonuses up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In 2002, ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) was established in France, with the transition of sports games to economic functions. ITSF is committed to promoting the sport as an official sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee.


The books and magazines with football as the subject matter showed a thriving trend around 1900, which showed a sharp decline in the 1920s and 1930s. After the war they were once weak and outdated, this is due to paper restrictions and printing technology obsolete. People began to write the history of the club, which is a step forward after the war. Before the war, only a handful of clubs published their official annals, including the Scottish Celtics, the Glasgow Rangers and the England Blackburn Rangers. Manchester United's first annals appeared in 1946. However, since then, the Old Trafford Club has a history of nearly 100 historical versions from different perspectives.

Many of the historic clubs celebrated their centennial birthday in the 1970s and 1980s, the capital of which the club's clients wrote for their official annals. All of these 92 clubs have published at least one annals, including those who have never won any championships, including the club. Someone began to turn to writing football biographies, such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane's biography, who earned at least £ 1 million, thanks in part to the newspaper. But the most profitable biography of sales, revenue and film rights may be the number of Nick Hornby published in 1992, "fever stadium", it tells his contribution to the Arsenal team.