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Basketball Enhance Physical Fitness

Oct 23, 2017

Basketball Enhance physical fitness

First of all, basketball is a sport of exercise. It not only has a strong entertainment, but also enhance physical fitness. It can not only make people from the tension to get relaxed, to promote the healthy development of physical and mental, more able to get exercise from the physical. According to professionals, he can improve the human respiratory system, digestive system and many other physical function.

Secondly, it contains a lot of skills. I am not a professional basketball player, so I do not know much about these skills. But in general, we often use the combination of the actual situation. Real, including dribbling, passing (chest pass and hit pass), three-step layup, these are the necessary skills, hard conditions. Virtual mainly include Akira, virtual, turn, etc., these are in the process of playing basketball slowly experience.

In addition, it is still a spirit. It can not only honed people's will, but also shape the character of man. Having said that, we have to mention that we have been relish the NBA and China's big players Yao Ming, in addition, is Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Understand their people must know that playing is a very hard thing, often a down, sweating do not say, the whole people are tired to lie down on the ground do not want to move. However, for a person who likes basketball, love basketball, it is a pleasure. Like a big star said: "a few days do not play, hands on itch." This is indeed the case, I especially like to get the ball after the kind of sense of responsibility and hit the moment of excitement and sense of accomplishment. Speaking of basketball spirit in the final analysis is a fighting spirit, a never-ending spirit, a spirit of hard work. It not only from the individual's own skills to improve, but also on the team a strong sense of responsibility, a good understanding and team spirit. I personally think: If you can become a good player, you can learn a lot of things, personal learning, work and life can provide a good reference. After a semester of basketball lessons, I learned a lot of useful skills and skills, basketball level has been greatly improved. The following is the study, I have some experience in basketball experience. Basketball technology is divided into offensive and offensive and defensive two parts. Offensive technology, including transmission, catching, shooting, continuous break; defense technology, including grab, play, steals; mobile and rebound are both offensive and defensive technology. Basketball technology is the basis of basketball tactics. Want to play basketball, first of all have to practice basketball technology. Basketball technology is divided into offensive and defensive two parts, each part by a number of technology components. In addition to attack and defense technology are mobile and rebound, the offensive technology has pass, catch the ball, shooting, dribbling, breaking, defensive technology defensive opponents, grab the ball, play, steals and so on.