Best Cheap soccer ball machine for sale

1.Computer self-programming, remote control 2.Humanized design, internal serve direction, more practical training 3.High performance of photoelectric sensors makes the machine runs more stably and reliably 4.The remote control is clear and easy to operate with LCD screen . 5.Mini trim vertical functions with remote 6.Mini trim horizontal functions with remote 7. Remote setting the depth of the two-line ball and three-line ball function 8.Remote setting Near-far and cross line balls 9.Random function 10.Up and down spin,and force adjustment 11.Adjust the angle of inclination ,can play S balls 12.Self feeding system ,easy for training 13.Pitching Machine transmitter placement : fixed penalty to swing the ball. 14.Advanced wear-resisting wheels ,durable service

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Best Cheap soccer ball machine for sale

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