Top One Sell Basketball Shooting Machine

Intelligent basketball training machine We are the manufacturer,So I can give you the good quality and the lowest price. Welcome to consult me. Farah

Product Details


  1. Can practice shooting posture,holding skills,two-point and three-point shooting.Fxied-point shots,shooting on the move,jump shots,hollow shots etc

  2. 17 points in different modes of programming

  3. Fixed-point,horizontal ball,spin,speed adjustment,frequency adjustment

  4. Circulating net system,which can be used for 1-3 balls 

  5. Fixed point or horizontal shooting with 180 degree

  6. The distance between two service wheels can be adjusted according to personal preference or habits,to control the intensity and speed of the all

  7. Practice physical strength and reaction speed

  8. Fastest :2sec/ball,slowest:4.8sec/ball



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