Basketball Shooting rebounding Machine

The S6829-2 Basketball machine allows you to train alone on the basketball court as the machine can automatically feed balls. The machine also enable the coach to be right beside the player and help the coach correct the player's technique. Compare with those players who aren't trained with this machine, you shoot a lot more than they do at same time period. It helps you form muscle memory and quickly improve.

Product Details

Basketball Shooting Machine Alternative to Dr. Dish or Shoot Away



The price of dr. dish and shoot away machine are high for majority of users. SIBOASI offers machines that most shcools/academies or basketball lovers can afford.



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Details of SIBOASI Basketball Training Machine S6829-2


stucture of SIBOASI basketball training machine

Basketball Shooting Machines rebound makes and missed shots. These shot rebounders help players get up more shots in less time. Automated machines pass the basketball back to the player and can be programmed to throw the basketball to almost any spot on the floor.

Remote Controller

remote controller of SIBOASI basketball training machine

What You Can Do With S6829-2 SIBOASI Basketball Training Machine?

Every coach and player agree that adding a basketball shooting machine to a workout is a game-changer and vital to accelerating development. The number of increased repetitions a team can get when utilizing a shooting machine is undeniably very valuable. You'll be able to see results quickly through players' performances on the court.

Basketball shooting machine, an investment you will never regret. No matter for yourself, your kids or your basketball academy/school.


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