S6829-2 Dr.dish basketball hoop return machine remote control

1.Remote Control 2.Set spots or random shots as you need 3.Easy carrying and installation 4.Suitable for size 6 or 7 balls,adjusted speed.

Product Details

S6829-2 Dr.Dish basketball hoop return machine remote control    


Ball Capacity
1-3 Balls

Serving Height

1.2-2 Meters
Closed Volume
90*64*172 Cm
Horizontal Angle
180 Degree
150 W
2.5-10 Sec/Ball
Net Weight
127 KG
Packaging Volmue
94*68*185 CM

S6829-2 is a updated version of S6829, which has more functions than the former one. Comparing to the model S6829, with S6829-2, you can select a specific number(2,3,5,7) of the fixed spots on a remote controller, which can't be realized on S6829.

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