personal basketball trainer Basketball Machine

1.Manually adjust the vertical angle, 2.Horizontal swing 180 degree cycle, 3.Any point serving in the 180 degree range, 4.Frequency and speed adjustment. 5.The distance of two shooting wheel adjustment 6.The vertical 90 degree adjustment of the holding frame 7.Voltage 110 or 220V optional; 8.Ball capacity: 5 balls. 9.Power capacity: 96W; 10.Frequency 2.3-6 seconds/ball. 11.The height of the serving ball is 1.2-2 meters;

Product Details

personal basketball trainer Basketball Machine

Contact: William Liu



Products Parameters:

Voltage AC 110V/240V
Ball capacity 5pcs
Frequency 2.3-6seconds 
Color blue
Power 96W
Horizontal 180 degree
Net weight 120kg
Packing size 94*68*185cm
Detailed Images

S6829-2 (2) 

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