Hotsales Intelligent Basketball Shooting Machine 6829 basketball machine

Function: 1.Can practice shooting posture, holding skills, two-point and three-point shooting.Fixed point shots, shooting on the move, jump shots, hollow shots, etc. 2.Fixed-point, horizontal ball, spin, speed adjustment, frequency adjustment 3.Circulating net system, which can be used for 1`3 balls 4.Fixed point or horizontal shooting with 180 degree 5.Practice physical strength and reaction speed

Product Details

Elaborate researching practical equipment

Make it easier to exercise

Product Parameters:

Power: 110-220                          Working Power: 96 W

Frequency: 2.3-6 seconds/ ball      Net weight: 120 KG

Ball Capacity: 5                            Serving height: 1.2-2M

Closed Volume: 90*64*172CM       Package Volume: 94*68*185CM

Horizontal Angle: 180 degree

Suitable for: Enterprise, personal, park square, School, training institutions, club, sports town, featured towns.

Training methods: In-situ shooting ( 2 points, 3 points), Marching shot, pull-up jump shot, tiptoe, swish, hook, backward shot, turnaround jump shot, tactical training, coordination training, moving footwork, moving speed, physical strength and endurance.


Experimental Proof:

Intelligent basketball training equipment can inspire the player’s maximum potential, the training effect of athletes is 30 times than that of traditional training methods.



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