Gun Shooter Machine For Shooting The Basketball Better

Machine Details This is a basic model,less function than Gun8000.It can swing 180 degree horizontally and get a fixed point of 180 degrees.The speed and frequency can be adjusted freely.It is suitable for size 6 and size 7 balls.

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Treat your workouts like doctors appointments

Similar to how people schedule doctors appointments and work commitments, players must be schedule their basketball training workouts too.

Because if you don't schedule them, they probably won't happen.

Schedule your basketball workouts into your calendar at the start of the week and then hold yourself accountable to going to them.

How many times have you planned on working out but then other stuff just kept popping up?

  • A friend asks you to hang out...

  • You lose track of time while playing video games...

  • You're busy watching on a TV series

And then by the time you look at the clock, it's too late to work out so you just forget about it and say "Oh well. I'll do it tomorrow".

This can't happen if you want to develop as a basketball player.

You have to make workouts a priority if you want to be successful.



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