Best Basketball Shooting Machine Improve Your Skills For Ground Team Schools.‎

SIBOASI is specialized in intelligent sports machines for more than 14 years. The main products are :intelligent stringing machine ,basketball training machine, football training machine, tennis ball machine, badminton machine,volleyball machine etc.

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Basketball training equipment:

1.Can practice shooting posture,holding skills,two-point and three point shooting,fixed point shot,shooting on the move,jump shots,hollow shots etc.

2.Random fixed point or multi-point ball number set,different degrees adjustment.

3.Different speed and frequency adjustment,fixed penalty,horizontal ball etc.

4.Circulating net system,which can be used for 1-3 balls.

5.Intelligent basketball training equipment shooting drop point,fixed point or horizontal shooting with 180 degree.

6.The distance between two service wheels can be adjusted according to personal preference or habits,to control the intensity and speed of the ball.

7.Frequency:2.3-6 sec/ball

8.The height of the ball can be adjusted,the height of drop point is 1.4-2 meters.

9.Suitable for #6 and #7 balls.

Basketball play 1

Basketball shooting machine 1Basketball shooting machine2Basketball shooting machine3Basketball shooting machine4Basketball shooting machine7

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