Basketball Shooting Machine With High Quality Professional Practice (6839)

This is Katherine to do service for you. SIBOASI is the 12 years professional manufacturer of ball machine and stringing machine. If you are interested in this training machine,please to let us know. Wechat&WhatsApp:+8613076600446

Product Details

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Product Description

1. Computer programming, storage memory, boot automatically locate the origin;
2.Five kinds of fixed model to shooting
3.The data and display clear function
4.Fixed point and horizontal functions
5.1-17 points synchronized on LED display when serving
6.Serve a variety of functions: work / pause, speed adjustment, 1-17 fix point, 1-17 cycle points, 1-17-point or multi-point any particular programming tee times, five kinds of fixed procedures tee ;
7.Set goals and machine ball circle the number that tee shot calculation program, LED display goals, serve several shooting data;
8.Circulation systems, and can be recycled a ball;
9.Pitching Machine transmitter placement: fixed to 180 degrees azimuth

Products Parameters

* ColorPurple/Pale Green
* Package weight: 134kg
* Battery : working 2-3 hours
* AC 100V-110V and 220V-240V are optional
* Accessories comes standard:remote control,charger,and connect cable
* Suit for: individuals, schools, clubs training institutions

Packing & Delivery

1. Packing with wooden case

2. Gross weright:190.5KG

3. Shipping time : within 5days after payment