ABSHOW Exhibitors SIBOASI Basketball Machine

Power: 110-220W Working Power: 96 W Frequency: 2.3-6 seconds/ ball Net weight: 120 KG Ball Capacity: 5PCS Serving height: 1.2-2M Closed Volume: 90*64*172CM Package Volume: 94*68*185CM Horizontal Angle: 180 degree Suitable for: Enterprise, personal, park square, School, training institutions, club, sports town, featured towns. Training methods: In-situ shooting ( 2 points, 3 points), Marching shot, pull-up jump shot, tiptoe, swish, hook, backward shot, turnaround jump shot, tactical training, coordination training, moving footwork, moving speed, physical strength and endurance. Experimental Proof: Intelligent basketball training equipment can inspire the player’s maximum potential, the training effect of athletes is 30 times than that of traditional training methods. Suitable for men, women and children “Forced” physical strength and endurance improving, equipment is a standard and tireless” ball companion/coach” that waits to witness your limits: Get up to practice, challenge the limit. “Forced” mobility and responsiveness improving , the ball is fed at any angle in the court, and the player moves and reacts to the ball according to the service direction of the equipment

Product Details

Product Parameters:



Working   Power

96   W


2.3-6   seconds/ ball

Net   weight

120   KG

Ball   Capacity


Serving   height


Closed   Volume


Package   Volume


Horizontal   Angle

180   degree

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