2017 New Intelligent Gun Basketball Shooting Program-controlled Machine Donguan SIBOASI

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: SIBOASI Model Number: S6839 Type: Basketball training machine Product name: Basketball training machine Brand name: SIBOASI Color: Green/purple Battery option: 4-6hours Goals: Smart calculated Speed: 1-5ranges , 20-100KM/h Frequency: 2-4.8second/ball Weight: 110KG Certificate: BV, CE SGS

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Production description

From ball handling to free throw shooting, rebounding to sprinting, one of the reasons we at Halo Neuroscience are fascinated by basketball is because it requires a challenging combination of agility, speed, technical skill, and strength.

There are few other sports that require this level of muscle-brain coordination, yet professional and college level players make it look so easy.

The neuroscience behind basketball training

So what’s their secret?

Every time we practice, our brain is learning from the repetitions we feed it.

Whether this is in the weight room, and learning to be stronger, or on the court, and learning to be more skilled, repetition is the key to becoming a better basketball player.

When an athlete trains, the motor cortex of the brain builds and strengthens circuits, resulting in gains in strength, explosiveness, and skills.

Production details

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