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[Product Name]72 Ball Pick-Up Basket [Product Model]T-402 [Describe] ss402 72balls pick up basket was light and handy designed. Handles fold down to create legs for easy use during drills. The light weight yet sturdy construction makes picking up balls asap. Hold the capacity of 42 balls with a non spill lid and handles that will convert to legs.It isa good helper that can greatly save the time of pick upthe ball when tennis training. ccasion:Indoor and outdoor courts Capacity:72 balls Color:black

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Can be used in two ways:Pick up the machine and hold balls3.jpg


1,Dual purpose, can be a pick up basket as well as a ball port.

2,Do not need bent down to pick up the ball,time saving andwithout difficulty.

3,The model is small and convenientto carry.

4,all steel manufacturing with high strength structure.

5,With high-grade Eco-friendly paint protection, corrosion resistance and durable.


Weight: 2.5KG

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