SIBOASI Full Function Tennis Ball shooting Machine S4015

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It not only provides a variety of training modes for the baseline, midfield and net, but also can automatically serve the ball in both directions or in multiple directions. It can have the function of "wide, middle and narrow" two-line ball and three-line ball with one-button selection of horizontal swing serve, depth ball and pitch Angle.Players can freely adjust the speed, rotation and pitch Angle of the ball to achieve the unique deep and high pressure ball function. At the same time, it is a built-in service design. The height and direction of the service cannot be predicted before the ball is played, which gives you the feeling of being in the real court.

Functionspeed and frequency adjust,top spin and back spin,cross shot,two line,three line,light and deep ball,horizontal and vertical adjust,random,fixed point, programmed
Battery lithium battery can last 3-5hours(internal)
Gross weight 30kg
Packing size66.5*49*61.5cm
Power cablecomes standard

tennis machine (1)

tennis machine (2)

tennis machine (3)

tennis machine (4)


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