Machine For Football Soccer Training

Football machine technology 1. Intelligent remote control system 2. User-friendly design, you can remote control any combination of speed, frequency , direction, and rotation for training 3. High-performance photoelectric sensor, stable function 4. Remote control LCD interface, clear display and easy to operate 5. Remote fine-tuning vertical angle 6. Remote fine-tuning horizontal angle 7. Remote control two–line and three-line ball functions 8. Remote control a variety of far and near ball or cross ball functions 9. Random ball function 10. Rotating ball and strength adjustment 11. Tilt angle adjustment, you can send S-type or arc-type balls. 12. Automatic ball feeding system , training become more convenient 13. Serving point : fixed point to the multi-directional points( grounder, corner, lofty ball) 14. Advanced wear-resistant and durable shooting wheel Intelligent Remote control System Micro-computer board with full-function remote control operation, can be arbitrarily set different combination of speed, frequency, direction, rotation and placement point for training. It can be remote control within 100 meters High quality motor, which is made from high quality and durable material Intelligent programming fixed point cover the whole court, you can set any point you want, as far as 30 meters 70 degrees horizontal circular balls, covering the half court , suitable to training grounder, left and right spin balls, cross balls, goalkeeper ball, etc. 40 degrees vertical circular ball, suitable to train chest-high ball , head ball and bicycle kick ball, the highest is up to 8 meters Production Parameter 1. Power:150 w 2. Voltage: AC:100-240V DC:12V 3. Capacity: 15 balls 4. Net Weight: 102 KG 5. Speed: 20-140 km/h 6. Frequency: 2.5-7s/ball 7. Application Range: Personal, School, Club and Training institutions Shooting wheels with polyurethane PU package, accurate, durable and no hurt the ball; Rubber wheel(no inflatable) is more quiet, more beautiful and noble; Shift handle, iron pipe material selection plating rod +round tube. From the shape to material has been upgraded.

Product Details

Football machine with high quality motor





AC:100-240V DC:12V

Ball capacity

15 balls

Net Weight

102 KG


20-140 km/h


2.5-7 s/ball




Unlike other football soccer shooting machines, our throwing mechanism throws the ball with backspin instead of hitting it.

The football machine that revolutionized the way programs everywhere improve their game.

Designed by football coaches, SIBOASI football training machine is a snap, pass and kick machine that will maximize your time on the most difficult practicing phases of the game.

SIBOASI Football Machine’s solid polyurethane throwing wheels firmly grip the ball for an accurate spin.

Rapid fire and multiple ball drills are part of SIBOASI FOOTBALL machine’s repertoire. The two independently running electric motors create not only a near instantaneous recovery time, but furnish enough power to put the football anywhere on the field. On the passing stand, the Snap Attack can pivot instantly in any direction, accurately throwing passes, punts and kickoffs to any location on the field. In the lowered position at ground level and realistic angles, machine snaps ball to any depth in shotgun and pistol formations, extra points and punts. No second cradle is required
for kickoff.


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