SIBOASI Advanced Training Badminton Shooting Machine (S8025)

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1. Shooting speed : fully customizable speeds ranging from 20-140km/h

2. Shooting route: The design maximum serve height is 7.5 meters

    Lets users choose from one of nine sections to shoot including a random mode.

3. Shooting Frequency: 1-8Second / Ball

4. Goal oriented controls

  - Training: Can control the height and ball quality in order to master the movement by repetition

  - Rally: Shoots continuously to stimulate real match play

  - Random: free play option
5. Economic feasibility

  - Operates more than 3,000 hours continuously. (An expendable)

  - It utilizes the principle of centrifugal force, so that it can shoot a shuttlecock without damage.

6. Simplicity: Loads 360 shuttlecocks in 8 shuttlecock tanks with an automatic Shuttlecock load system


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