Badminton training machine

Portable and folding with wheels to put in your trunk, saving your energy to improve your skills quickly

Product Details

SIBOASI 3025 Robotic Badminton Practice Machine For sale

Products description

1. Full-functions with remote control (speed,frequency ,angle and so on )

2. High performance and quality R&D by own with patents

3. Suitable to voltage 100V--240V ,Over-current protection

4. Adjusting the shooting angle dynamoelectric, up to 7 meters .

5. Smash functions, with fast speed

6 .Remote control with different angle and three line functions 

7. The key components: shooting wheels and the main motor with high quality materials are durable,motor service life can be up to 10 years

8.  Suitable for any shuttlecock( nylon , plastic and so on )

9. The body structure is dexterous , portable handle ,easy installation .

10. Folding tripod with wheels and brake ,Convenience to use 

11. Luxurious design,can be placed in the trunk of any cars after folding it, easy to carry

Product Parameters

VoltageSpeedFrequencyElevation Horizontal
AC 100---240V20-140km/hours 1.2-4.5secondsManual  Automatic 
Shooting directionBall capacity LiftingPower Color 
External180pcs   0-85cm100WBlack /Red

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Ruby -012

SIBOASI 3025 Robotic Badminton Practice Machine For sale


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