Professional Stringing Machine for racket

1.upgraded workplate for high performance choice for professional stringer
3.pre-stretch with high precise 0.1LB
4.KG /LB conversion function.

Product Details

Professional Stringing Machine Double Use

Color: Black

Suitable for : Double use for tennis and badminton rackets

Net Weight: 40kg

Size: 100*44*109cm

Main Function

  1. Intelligent computer automatic pound correction, precise to +-0.1lb

  2. Stable constant pull function

  3. Power-on self -checking system

  4. Store memory function, can set 4 groups of weight

  5. Sensor automatic string control, improving stringing speed and avoid breakdown

  6. Three gears for voice 

  7. The voltage is 100-240V, suitable for any countries

  8. LB and KG transfer function

  9. Automatic back head function when over time

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