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Ball Container for Badminton Machine General Ball Cage for SIBOASI all Badminton Machine Suitable for S2025, S3025, S4025, S8025 and H3, H5, H7.

Product Details

Full tablet computer operation



Multi-mode storage can make corresponding teaching plan for different students at different level.

Analog of the field interface, can be directly set, delete, add, modify the mode.

Different ball drop points, speed, frequency, horizontal angle, elevation angle can be adjusted at will.





Schematic for programming drop point


1.     Forehand and backhand netball

2.     Front court smash

3.     Middle court  smash

4.     Back court smash

5.     Type four-point combination ball

6.     Front court netball + Backcourt high ball” combination ball

7.      “Cross” combination ball

8.     Flat high ball

9.     Flat ball

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