club badminton traiing Machine

Main Function Multi-functions with remote control; High performance photoelectric sensor, more reliable; Flexible voltage system to protect the machine Pitching angle adjustment system, serve up to 7.5m in height Smash balls with high speed, to be a fantastic training LCD display on remote...

Product Details

Shuttlecock Shooting Machine For Training Teaching H5

Main Function

  1. Shooting wheels and main motors are high-quality and durableservice material,

    the main motor lifetime up to 10 years

  2. Internal power system, easy to move.

  3. Suited for any material balls(nylon ball,plastic ball and badminton ball

  4. Light and handy,suitcase type.

  5. Folding tripod wheels with brake,easy to carry.

  6. Capacity of 180 balls per training time,fully enjoy the play.

  7. Accessories included the remote control and power cable.

  8. Fashion design,perfect size for car boot to carry.

  9. Multi-functions with remote control(speed, frequency,trajectory etc

  10. High-performance photoelectric sensor,more reliable.

Key Parameters

Height of

shooting window

min height above the floor:140cm

max height above the floor:225cm

Elevation35~18 degree(by manual)
Lifting system0-70cm can be adjusted by manualHorizontal33°(by remote)

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Ruby in Siboasi for tennis basketball soccer training machine (6)

SIBOASI Shuttlecock Shooting Machine For Training Teaching H5

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