Vertical Badminton Shuttlecock Machine Shuttlecock Shooter For Sale S3025

Fashionable vertical badminton shooting machine Products description: 1. Full-functions with remote control (speed,frequency ,angle and so on ) 2. High performance of photoelectric sensors makes the machine runs more stably and reliably. 3. Wide range of voltage 100V--240V ,Over-current protection ,rest assured to use 4. Adjusting the shooting angle dynamoelectric, highest 7M . 5. Smash functions, with fast speed 6 .Remote control with different angle and three line functions 7.Random function 8.One button to choose six kinds of cross-line ball 9.One button to choose different horizontal ball. 10.The key components: shooting wheels and the main motor with high quality materials are durable,motor service life can be up to 10 years 11. Suitable for any shuttlecock( nylon , plastic and so on ) 12.The body structure is dexterous , portable handle ,easy installation . 13.Folding tripod with wheels and brake ,Convenience to use 14.Continuous training 200balls ,challenge the limit 15.Luxurious design,can be placed in the trunk of any cars after folding it, easy to carry

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Function training mode:


badminton shuttlecock machine  (7)

Product Parameters

1Voltage : AC 100---240V

2Speed:   20-140km/hours

3Frequency:  1.2-4.5seconds

4Elevation : Manual  

5Horizontal : Automatic by remote control

6Shooting direction : External

7Ball capacity : 180pcs          

8Color : Black  

9Lifting : 0-85cm

10Power : 100W

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