Economical Remote Control Badminton Shuttlecock Machine For Sale S2025

Products description: 1. Exquisite remote control (speed,frequency, horizontal and so on ) 2. Smash function 3. Smart remote control with LCD screen 4. Vertical angle adjust by manual operation 5. Suitable for any shuttlecock( nylon , plastic and so on ) 6. The body structure is dexterous , portable handle ,easy installation . 7.Folding tripod ,Convenience to use 8. Luxurious design,can be placed in the trunk of any cars after folding it, easy to carry

Product Details

Cheap remote control badminton shuttlecock machine for sale S2025

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Product Parameters

(1)Voltage : AC 100--240V

(2)Speed:   20-140km/hours

(3)Frequency:  1.2-4.5 seconds

(4)Elevation : Manual

(5)Horizontal : Automatic by remote control

(6)Shooting direction : External

(7)Ball capacity : 100pcs          

(8)Color : Black 

(9)Lifting : 0-70cm

(10)Power : 100W