New Product Stringing Machine From China Supplier

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Product Details

Tennis badminton stringing machine with lcd screen for strining racket efficient

whatsapp/wechat :+86 18390931462

Major functionsDetails
Racket clipping system

1.Synchronous holding system

2.Five teeth clamp,for  badmiton strings  use

3.Automatic clamp base can 360 degrees rotate

4.K-clamp both for tennis and badminton rackets holding

5.Workplate with tool plate

Main machine system

1.Pounds can accurate to +0.1pound

2.Constand pull


4.Three gears voice adjustable

5.Four groupd of commonly used pounds storage

6.Power on self-checking

7.USD connector,can data upgrade 

8.Knot with pounds increased,avoid to lose pounds

9.English and Chinese language switch

Full set tools 

For free


Two years

Payment method

T/T,western union,paypal

Other datas

1.Voltage: AC110V-240V, DC12V 

2. Power:90W

3.Color :black

4.Net weightt: 48.5KG

5.Packing Size : 88*58*69CM


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